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"The portrait that Sally did of our horse Blue is amazing (especially as the original photo was from a mobile phone) as she has captured the expression that he has when he's about to be daft and that wasn't in the photo - although she has never met him, she seems to know him so well!!

We are so pleased with the picture and would not hesitate to recommend Sally to commit your pet to pastels - I can't wait to see what she will make of our Bull Terrier, Doris."
Jane Perkins

I have known Sally Nash for some years and have witnessed her development into an exceptionally talented canine artist. A lifelong family background of breeding dogs, grooming and training dogs has given her an incisive ability to capture to perfection the very special features expressions that make every pet unique and memorable. Sally has undertaken a number of commissions for my family and friends in recent years and we are all absolutely delighted with the results.
John Terry OBE, South Gloucs

“The portraits I create are made by using a mixture of soft and hard pastels on treated card, then finishing with pastel pencil which works well with the fine detail.

I can achieve the sensitive result that I love using pastel. It appears soft, velvety and colours remain vibrant and luminous over time.”

"I am amazed at how you captured Dazzle from a photograph taken when he was showing his age. You caught his look yet managed to “take a few years off him”, and we all appreciate that as we get older!.

We have both your pastel & the original photo on the wall in our kitchen so I am still able to enjoy him before he became elderly. Thank you so much for the pleasure you have given me & my family. I am sure we will be back to add out third English Setter to the portfolio at some point in the future."
Kind regards
Ann Mills

Sally's portraits of our three Labradors, Meg, Tess and Lottie are absolutely magnificent. Not only has she perfectly captured their likeness, she has also managed to record that undefinable quality that differentiates a portrait from a true reflection of the character of a loved dog. The images have the uncanny knack of following you around the room, and capture in an uncanny way the characters of our beloved pets. A memory that will stay with us forever.
Steve Pitt