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In most cases I will arrange for the painting to be framed for you, this is done so that when you get your painting home it is ready to hang immediately. Once the framing requirements are discussed and you have briefed me on your specific taste, budget and preferred size I will then order a bespoke frame and mount made to measure and unique to your portrait. Some portraits will lend themselves to having certain types of mounts and frames and the options can be fully discussed when I make a start on the portrait.

I believe the quality and appearance of the frame has a huge impact on the overall look and finish of the portrait so getting the framing right for the portrait and right for the home is paramount.

It is entirely your choice, so if you decide to arrange framing yourself please advise me of this when submitting your commission request.

Where possible I like to meet the client and subject in person, this gives me an opportunity to make notes and sketches’ relating to detail that does not always show in a photo. If you would rather take photos yourself please get in touch. If needed I am happy to provide helpful tips on ways to take a good photo to work from, this will ensure the best possible results for your portrait.

Where visiting is not possible due to distance, or if you no longer have the animal then I will work solely from photos provided by yourself. Ideally these would be a selection of clear photos that I can see detail and colours of the animals coat, this will ensure I can get the best possible result when completing your portrait. In some cases it is not always possible to work from a clear photo so I would rely on information from yourself and I would need to see the photos that are available prior to confirming the commission.

We start by discussing your requirements be it either a head study, full body portrait or any other detail that you may want included. Where possible I will make notes about the subject as I believe this is invaluable to getting the portrait to show true individuality. Once we have a selection of good images and you are happy with what you want the portrait to look like I will continue working on the picture until I feel it is at a stage where a the right frame can be ordered that firstly compliments the portrait and secondly works with wherever you may wish hang it.

As many of my commissions are ordered as gifts, please let me know if there is a specific date that you need it finished by so that I may give you a realistic timescale. I will always endeavour to meet the timescale agreed. At any stage of the process you can contact me for progress updates. If you have a frame at home already that you particularly like the style of, please bring it along or send me an image with measurements so that I can get a close a match as possible. Once you are totally happy with the portrait you can either collect or alternatively delivery can be arranged.