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My earliest memories are of times spent on the family smallholding, learning about livestock, eating fresh home grown vegetables and spending time drawing and collecting things that I had found.

Being surrounded by a menagerie of chickens, goats, geese, horses and many different breeds of dogs, regularly attending and competing in handling the family pets at dog shows, getting out and about on my pony, and always, till this day, having a real need to visit the rare breeds section at any country fair, the foundations of a life long interest was set.

My passion for drawing the animals and nature around me continued to blossom into my years of studying. I completed my studies in Art, Graphics, Packaging and Illustration and had no hesitation in pursuing further my painting and drawing and was lucky enough to start receiving commissions straight away.

“Capturing the true spirit in a portrait”

In addition to portraits, time permitting, I love to paint for myself. I am involved in working with dogs of which I hold a certificate in instructing, something I have been able to do here and abroad training dogs and handlers. This inspired me to go on and gain a further qualification in K9 Hydrotherapy. I love to be in the great outdoors, something which never fails to inspire me and continually gives me fresh ideas for paintings.

“It is always a joy to see that person reminded through my work of the love they have for their animals”

Having the ability to draw and paint allows me to meet some wonderful people who continually intrigue me with the stories they tell about how they came to have their animals and always how much joy they have brought, even the really naughty ones. No two stories are the same and it is always a joy to see that person reminded through my art of the love they have for their animals.